Vacation Must Haves for 2023

The Best Women’s Swimwear and Accessories for Your Next Vacation
 NEW West Coast One Piece

So, you’ve gathered your best friends, picked the perfect vacation destination, and bought your plane tickets. Now, there’s only one thing left to do… find the cutest women’s swimwear and accessories for your trip!


You deserve to have a suitcase full of swimsuits that make you look and feel your best. The right beach outfit will give you a big boost of confidence, so you get excited about snapping a hundred photos to make everyone back home a little jealous of your tropical excursion!


Here are some great options from our swimwear brand that you’re sure to love.


 Valley Girl Velvet

  1. Valley Girl Velvet

Our Valley Girl Velvet push-up swimsuit comes in three colors: orange, purple, and baby blue. The top is wire-free, so you can swim, surf, or just lay in the sun without worrying about those uncomfortable wires that jab.


 Daisy Hair Clip

  1. Daisy Hair Clip

Protect your long locks with our cute Daisy Hair Clip! It comes in lots of colors, so you can choose your favorite or match with your tropical outfit of the day.


California Two Piece

  1. California Two Piece

This psychedelic California Two Piece is the perfect high waist swimsuit for chillin’ on the beach without a care in the world.


Cara Floral

  1. Cara Floral

Do you like pink swimsuits or blue? The Cara Floral comes in both colors and features sexy straps that take this tropical beachwear to the next level.


LA Shades

  1. LA Shades

You can’t go on vacation without a pair of sunglasses! Protect your eyes and look ultra-cool with these LA Shades – they come in 11 different colors, so you can choose your favorite or grab one for every outfit!


Butterfly Bucket Hat

  1. Butterfly Bucket Hat

It’s important to protect your delicate skin from the sun while you’re on vacation! A Butterfly Bucket Hat will help keep dangerous UV rays away from your face and elevate any outfit – even if your outfit is just a bikini!


Shop Nalu Bay Swimwear for all of your tropical vacation essentials.