Top 10 Swimwear Trends for Huntington Beach California

Swimwear trends come and go, and if you want to look great at the pool or beach, keeping up with yearly trends is a great way to do that. Here are the top 10 swimwear trends for 2021 and our favorite picks for each from Nalu Bay.

1. Metallic Swimsuits

Metallic swimsuits are gorgeous in any sunny setting; the rays bounce off the metallic fabric and create a flashy look that requires a double take. Metallic fabric looks good both wet and dry, whether sunbathing or taking a dip.

Your Nalu Bay MatchMalibu Metallic Two-Piece Bikini

The Malibu Metallic Two-Piece Bikini by Nalu Bay comes in six (6) stunning jewel and precious metal-inspired colors, including sapphire, copper, rose gold, chrome, amethyst, and bright pink opal. The suit features an underwire lifting swimsuit bra with fitted cheeky bottoms.

2. Animal Print

Classic animal print screams “sexy,” and every year, swimwear companies look to present animal-print styles in new and fashionable ways. A cheetah or leopard print bikini -- especially when they are simple accents -- is a traditionally sexy swimwear choice.

Your Nalu Bay MatchMolly Two-Piece Bikini

The Molly two-piece bikini features a smart geometrical design with stunning leopard print and black color blocks contrasting one another. A padded bikini top pairs beautifully with polyester and spandex blended bottoms, both of which are fully adjustable for the perfect fit.

3. Bright, Ombré or Tie Dyed Patterns

Another trend in swimwear this year is splashy colors. Pastels and brights that flow together in ombre, tie dyed, or abstract patterns look great at the beach, pool, or any other swim activity.

Your Nalu Bay MatchCali Mermaid 3-Piece Set

The Cali Mermaid 3-Piece Set features a soft, wire-free bikini top paired with matching bottoms and a flowing swimsuit cover that can be tied around the waist. The pattern boasts a stunning blend of mermaid-esque colors like aqua, coral pink, and orchid violet. The soft, stretchy Lycra material makes this suit as comfortable as it is beautiful.

4. Neon Colors

This summer, dial up the color a few notches by opting for a neon-bright swimsuit. If you are tan or have a darker skin tone, neon colors are highly complementary.

Your Nalu Bay MatchLana Tie Up

The Lana Tie Up is a classic string bikini with a new twist. The bandeau-style top offers just enough coverage, and the cheeky bottom comes with extra long strings to tie up high and fits your physique. The bikini is also available in tiger print, white, and oil-slick black.

5. Edgy Cutouts

In 2021, swimsuit cutouts are getting edgier and more innovative. You’re likely to see cutouts where you least expect them, creating swimsuits that highlight a toned physique in a completely new way.

Your Nalu Bay MatchLily Two-Piece

The Lily Two Piece bikini is a new take on the classic cut out bikini. This gorgeous head-turner boasts under bust and hip cut outs with few other details to distract from the focal point of the swimsuit design. Also available in black and maroon colors.

6. Swimsuit Jewelry

Jewelry isn’t necessarily something you put on before heading out to swim, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose all the sparkle. A swimsuit with metal accents is gorgeous both in and out of the water.

Your Nalu Bay Match: Elle Chain Bikini

The Elle Chain Bikini is a strappy number with chain accents at the hips and shoulders. The heavy-duty chain is durable yet lightweight, resisting breakage when you’re most active. Swimsuit is available in black.

7. Ruffles

This year, ruffles are back but in a completely new way. Peasant tops and ruffled triangle bikini tops are taking 2021 by storm.

Your Nalu Bay Match: Bella Ruffle

The Bella Ruffle two-piece bikini offers a high-waisted brief-style bottom, paired with a ruffled, padded peasant top with a colorful pastel abstract design. The material is a polyester and spandex mix, with an adjustable top for the perfect fit.

8. Creative One Piece Swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits will always be around, but they’re getting more and more creative to offer new and exciting style options to people who prefer to wear a single piece suit.

Your Nalu Bay Match: Penelope One Piece

Say goodbye to traditional one piece swimsuits that offer little in the way of creativity or enhancing your physique. The Penelope One Piece features a strappy back and plunging neckline in white floral, pink floral, tropical leaves, and purple tie dye prints.

9. Monokinis

A monokini is a blend between a bikini and a one-piece swimsuit. Although they’re not a new concept, many swimwear companies are bringing back this style in 2021.

Your Nalu Bay Match: Samantha Monokini

The Samantha Monokini is a smart number that shows off your physique in just a single piece. The white-trimmed, dark-navy suit starts as a one-shoulder bandeau top that swoops down one side of the abdomen into a full bikini bottom.

10. Halter Tops

Halter top swimsuits are hot for 2021 because they offer just enough support, coverage, and physique-enhancing details to make for a comfortable but highly attractive swimsuit. Larger busted individuals often enjoy the bust lift that comes inherently with halter tops.

Your Nalu Bay Match: Halter Two Piece

This soft, stretchy bikini features a bust-lifting halter top and matching bottoms with perfectly aligned angles to draw the eye to its center. As comfortable as it is beautiful, the Halter Two Piece is both a practical and fashionable choice.