Spring/Summer 2022 Swimwear Trends

Since the last cold months of the year have yet to dissipate, it might seem premature to be already talking about the swimsuit trends of spring and summer 2022. Thankfully, we don’t kill the messenger here at Nalu Bay (particularly since we are the fashion messenger) and instead have focused on reporting on the many trends that have come out of Miami Swim Week.

There are plenty of older trends making a re-emergence as looks from last summer fade to the background. Top among these are cheetah prints, string bikinis, and head wraps. Other trends from last summer also have returned, making it perfect if you don’t feel like darting out to buy the latest swimsuit style. For instance, matching swimsuits are back, cut-outs continue to be ever so stylish, and belly chains and waist beads have yet to leave the summer trend list. As of today, we’ll keep the list of the summer 2022 swimwear trends under 10 so that you can be prepared for summer 2022 – hot girl summer edition.


#1. String It up

Now dubbed the ‘Tarzan’ bikini, string bikinis have become all the rage. While you might not want to wear one of these numbers on a family vacation, they are perfect for a beach date or sun tanning. If you’re interested, all brands seemingly had their own takes on string bikini designs.  The popular itsy-bitsy options were found at Naranja and Furcado, while Leimakani provided a bit more coverage.

#2. Cross My Halter, Hope to Die

There is truly nothing more summer than a halterneck, but the extra detailing on halter top swimsuits was something else this year. While Neena Swim, Luli Fama, and Nia Lynn did simple crisscrossing straps for the bikini tops, others went for more elaborate takes on the 2022 swimsuit trend. The most detailed (and personal favorite) was the one done by PNDMC, where the crisscrossed straps stretched all the way up the head into a headscarf.


#3. Set It up

Swimsuit sets are the constant trend of swimwear – no matter the year or even season, they tend to be perennially popular. It was, of course, no different for the spring/summer 2022 swimsuit collections. Florals and cheetah print options tended to hold the most sway for Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, Megan Mae Swim, and Nia Lynn. So, if anyone tells you matching is something only for grandmas, tell them to check their eyes because it’s always on-trend.

#4.Time to Go Strapless

Perfect for those that might have a smaller chest, strapless swimsuits create an illusion of a bit more. Along with this, they are masters of staying up and being sexy in their own – sometimes subtle – way, as Neena Swim proved. However, if you’re after a smaller top, then Eight Swimwear’s strapless option is for you!


#5. Square Necklines

Whereas triangle tops and sculpted bras were the popular swimwear trend last summer, this summer 2022 seems to be all about square-cut necklines. Perfect for showing off a little bit of cleavage and still remaining tasteful, this neckline is great for people who are just starting to veer out of their comfort zone. If you’re tempted to try it, check out the many brands showcasing this swimwear trend, from Liliana Montoya Swim to BFYNE, from Mery Playa + My Happy to Lascana.


#6. Cut It up

If you thought that cutouts weren’t going to make their foray back into fashion again, then you were definitely wrong. This trend still seems to be going strong and is easily one of the more popular looks from Miami Swim Week. From Emilio Pucci, who created a bikini with holes underneath the belt, to swimsuit brand Honey Birdette slicing peep holes into both the top and bottoms of some of their latest sets, this 2022 swimwear trend is very much in full swing.


#7. Waisted Details

Like ‘hot girl summer’ last year, this year also seems to be filled with waist jewelry. From the popular chains at Simonett and BFYNE to floss ties at Neena Swim, Boohoo, and Nia Lynn, accenting our waists has been all the rage. And if you’re still questioning whether or not to don one, then just know that it’s both Lily-Rose Depp- and Rhianna-approved.


#8. It’s a Wrap

Wrapping up your hair in a cute and simple headscarf is always a fun and flirty summer option. This summer, brands seemed to particularly lean into both bandanas and headscarves that matched their swimsuits. Perhaps it was leftover fabric or maybe the desire to keep our beachy waves out of our faces, but either way, there are many options, from Liliana Montoya using cheetah prints and contrasted florals to BFYNE playing with elegant purple chiffon.


#13. Reign of the Cheetah

Last year was the rise of the python, but it seems to be all about the cheetah print once again. The speedy jungle cat entranced designers for swimsuit brands Rys, Lillian Montoya, and Haitian Doll by Jo Bell, who all incorporated the cat’s signature spots into the patterns of their swimwear. Who knows, maybe with these swimsuits, your wild cat might be unleashed?