Best Bikini Colors for your Skin Tone

Finding the most flattering bikini isn’t just about the style and cut. A suit that complements your complexion will also help you make serious waves on your next trip to the pool or beach. Which begs the question: What colors will best showcase your skin tone?

Here’s a closer look at what we mean when we talk about skin tone, followed by a breakdown of the best bikini colors (with examples!) for each of the three main skin tone types.

It’s All About the Undertones

You might think of your skin tone in terms of whether you’re fair, dark, or somewhere in the middle. However, when it comes to choosing clothing that will flatter you best, it’s all about the undertones. This refers to the color beneath the surface of your skin.

There are three main undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. Here are a few questions to help you determine your skin undertone:

1. What color are your veins?

If your veins are more greenish in color, your skin most likely has a warm undertone. If they’re more blue or purple, you most likely have a cool undertone. If they’re somewhere between the two (or neither), then you are more neutral.

2. Do you look better in white or off white?

People with a warm skin undertone typically look best in white, while people with cool undertones look better in off-white. The best way to tell? Alternate holding pieces of white and off-white fabric to your face. Whichever looks better indicates your skin tone. If both are equally flattering, you may have a neutral skin tone.

3. Is gold or silver more flattering?

People with cool undertones tend to look better in silver, while people with warm undertones look gorgeous in gold. Again, if you look amazing in both, then you may fall into the neutral category.

4. Do you burn or tan?

Does your skin start turning a deeper hue as soon as you step foot in the sun? If so, you likely have a warm undertone. Meanwhile, people with cool undertones tend to burn quickly. Lastly, people with neutral undertones fall somewhere in between: While they don’t tan quickly, they also rarely burn.

Still not sure about your skin undertone? Here’s one general rule of thumb: People with blonde, brown, or black hair with light eyes tend to have cool undertones, while people with strawberry blonde, red, brown, or black hair with dark or hazel eyes often have warm undertones. While this isn't a hard and fast rule, it holds up in many cases.

Find Your Best Bikini Colors

Once you’ve zeroed in on your skin tone, it’s time to get to the fun part: Picking the perfect bikini for your skin. Here are a few ideas to kick off your search for the most flattering swimsuit.

1. Warm Skin Tones

If your skin tone is warm, you’re in excellent company. Beyoncé, Claire Danes, and Kim Kardashian are among the many stunning women in this category. Natural warm colors like red, yellow, gold, peach, amber, orange, and coral will look especially radiant on you. You'll also look amazing in warmer shades of cooler colors, such as moss, olive, and orchid. Looking for a goes-with-everything neutral bikini? We recommend soft creams and browns, including cappuccino and taupe.

A few of our favorite looks for warm skin tones? Our California Summer Push Up in Orange, the Neon Brazilian in Yellow, and the Malibu Sunset.

2. Cool Skin Tones

If you have cool undertones, a few of the lovely ladies who share your skin tone include Mindy Kaling, Nicole Kidman, and Lupita Nyong’o. Seek out shades on the cool end of the color wheel — led by ocean hues and frosty pastels. Emerald green and other jewel tones, all shades of blue, and vibrant purples will suit you, as will light pink and lavender. Also striking on people with cool undertones? Cooler shades of warmer colors, like cherry and ruby reds and butter yellows. Bright white, navy, and gray are your go-to neutrals.

Lena Two Piece

Some super-flattering looks for bathing beauties with cool undertones include our Beverly Hills High Waist, the Ella Push Up, and the Lena Two Piece in Blue or Purple.

3. Neutral Skin Tones

Julia Roberts, Kerry Washington, and Angelina Jolie are among the lucky ladies in this group. If you have neutral skin tones like they do, it means you have your pick of the spin of the color wheel. While you can wear anything, neutral undertones look especially beautiful with muted colors (as opposed to oversaturated ones). Think jade green, lake blue, and dusty pink. When it comes to neutrals, again — anything goes. However, coffee, black, off-whites, and grays may be particularly fetching.

Looking for the perfect bikinis for your neutral undertones? Check out the Aria Bikini in Brown, the Amelia 3 Piece Set, and the Luna High Waist.

And these examples are just the start when it comes to the best beach looks for every skin tone. For a near-endless selection of bikinis in every shade under the sun, check out our Summer 2021 Collection today.