9 hot bikini trends for the summer

Summer is here, and everyone is ready to celebrate the season at the pool or the beach. Since last season was full of pool and beach closures, swimsuit buying was a top priority. This year, more than ever, women are looking for unique and stylish swimsuits. Whether you’re planning to hit the beach, a pool party, or take some photos for social media, these are the bikinis to help you stay in trend.

Bold colors

Your Nalu Bay MatchCalifornia Summer Push Up

No neutrals allowed this beach season. Popular bikinis will be in bold colors and prints this summer. To celebrate getting out of quarantine, many women want bright colors to send out positive vibes. Colors convey emotion, and shades such as neon pink, azure, neon yellow, and tangerine give off a happy feeling. Everyone has a lot of excitement about going back to normal and spending a lot of time at the beach and pool. These colors bring home that idea.


Reversed bikinis

Your Nalu Bay MatchCamron 3 Piece Set

Bikinis will be flipped and reversed this season to stay on-trend. This year, one of the most popular looks is flipping a triangle bikini upside down with the ties then secured around your back. Although you can wear classic triangle bikinis this way, swimsuit makers have embraced the look and created tops with the new cut. These bikinis look stylish and remain secured to your chest.


High Sheen

Your Nalu Bay MatchAria Bikini

Matte fabrics are less prevalent than in previous years. Women are now choosing bikinis with a lot of sheen. The high sheen fabrics reflect light well and draw the eye when out in the sun. With the shine, neutral colors can even look bolder and brighter. Browns, grays, and blacks are popular options for any bikini with a high sheen fabric.



Retro prints

Your Nalu Bay MatchMolly Two Piece

Florals, animal prints, and geometrical shapes are back in a big way for swimwear. Solids have always been popular, but images on bikinis have faded in and out of favor. Have fun with prints by embracing tie-dye looks, neon floral prints, and leopard patterns. You can choose full prints on both the top and bottom of the bikini or choose a style that has both a print and a solid. Sunbathers sometimes choose to wear a printed bikini top with a solid bottom. Another style option is a solid neutral color with small sections of animal or floral designs.


Asymmetrical bikinis

Your Nalu Bay MatchSummer Girl 3 Pc Set

Asymmetrical bikinis offer an exciting and original look for the beach or pool. One benefit of the asymmetrical top is fewer tan lines, since you’ll have one shoulder free of straps. Despite the style, asymmetrical bikinis provide plenty of support. Pair with a traditional bikini bottom or a sarong for a more whimsical look. Solids are popular, but prints in soft pastels are primarily in favor.



Your Nalu Bay MatchLaney Floral Bikini

Very feminine looks will be everywhere you look this summer. A style with ruffles appeals to those who want a bikini with a sweet and soft appearance. Although the ruffles can be both on the top and bottom, they are incredibly prevalent on tops. Scalloped ruffles will be seen as well as ruffles on the lower hem of the bikini top. For bottoms, the look will be on the entire hem. Checkered with ruffles is a fun style, along with floral prints paired with the embellishment. Besides ruffles, swimsuits come with other types of decorations such as buttons and zippers in unexpected spots on the bikini tops and bottoms.


Bandana bikinis

Your Nalu Bay MatchTropic Bandana Two Piece

Many beachgoers prefer to wear strapless styles, including a bandana top. The bandana provides full coverage while also giving the wearer a fun and flirty look. Pair bandana bikini tops with a string bikini bottom for a classic choice. Choose bandana bathing suits in bold colors or floral prints for a bold look. Bandeau tops are skimpier but offer a similar chic look for the summer.


Wrap bikinis

Your Nalu Bay MatchElle Chain Bikini

One of the sexiest looks you’ll see this year is a wrap bikini. Paired with a traditional triangle bikini top, the bathing suit includes extra straps to wrap around the high waist area. The bikinis remain secure and also look great. Wrap bikinis are usually solids, but you can find some types with accent designs. The bikini bottom will be styled to keep the sexy quotient high. Most women wear a string bottom or even styles with chains to secure the sides with wrap bikinis.


High-waist bottoms

Your Nalu Bay MatchKai High Waist Push up Bikini

Not only are high-waisted bottoms stylish, but they are figure-flattering. To show off the extra fabric, swimwear with high waists will have many patterns to draw the eye. Funky florals are hot right now, along with textured fabric pieces. Although the bottom has a high-waisted cut, it doesn’t need to be timid. Swimsuit makers sell many high-waisted styles as thongs. The look promises a flirty surprise when worn.